20 healthy, frozen, timesaving cübes of organic goodness for your little ones

BABY CÜBES are made by LICKALIX and launched four flavours in its range – two savoury and two sweet flavours. The orange pack is a blend of carrot, sweet potato, and butternut squash and the green pack includes broccoli, spinach and peas. The red pack is a delicious blend of strawberry, mango and apple. The peach pack includes apple, apricot and peach. All cubes are free-from and made with only certified organic baby grade fruit and vegetables.

Why is our range is good for you and your little one? We want to use this opportunity to help mums and dads give their little ones natural, organic, fruit and vegetables into their meals but also save time. The cubes are easy to use, handy whenever you need them and you decide on the portion size you need each time, which mean far less food wastage. Freezing locks in the goodness and nutrients of the fruit and vegetables for when needed.

The range is available to order on OCADO, the Online Supermarket. For quick recipe ideas, check out our RECIPES page and YOUTUBE channel!