BABY CÜBES can be used in a variety of different ways. Use the cubes by themsevles or try making these quick, delicious recipes. This means you can still cook 'properly' but saves you time and gets more fruit and vegetables into your little ones meal. Check out our videos for full recipes and and timesaving ideas.

They can be added to things like yogurt, porridge, pancakes, pasta sauce or just using them on their own. Karis hopes that our BABY CÜBES can be little timesavers for all the busy mums and dads out there. Karis literally uses them everyday for Rocco for breakfast, lunch or dinner and this helps her get that extra bit of fruit and veg into his tummy (especially now that he's a toddler and knows his mind and wants to do everything his way). Check out a few of our recipe ideas below or find us on our YouTube channel!