20 healthy, frozen, timesaving cubes of goodness for your little ones

"I'm a busy mum, working long hours, but I still want to cook 'properly' for my little one and make sure the meals are fun, yummy, nutritious and natural. So I started making BABY CÜBES, blending fruit and vegetables and freezing them into cubes for when I needed them. Adding them when needed to things like yoghurt, porridge, pancakes and sauce or just using them on their own. Freezing locks in the nutrients for my little one ready for when I need it. I hope our BABY CÜBES will mean there's one less thing for other busy parents to do!"

Ultimately, the main thought behind the cubes is to help busy families who are short on time lead healthier lifestyles by eating delicious and healthy food that they may not have time to make themselves. By having BABY CÜBES in your freezer allows you to feed your family healthy alternatives with organic fruit and vegetables allowing you to spend more time having family fun.

It all started in when Karis was making amazing fun ice lollies for her friends. Karis and Dominic couldn’t find anything like it on the market and they decided it would be a great idea to spread the lolly love. From there they purchased Kenny the vintage VW camper van to travel the country and offer a completely organic, free-from and tasty lollies for the whole family to enjoy! The lollies were a hit and LICKALIX was born.

Being a full time mum, a business owner and a conscious food buyer, Karis needed a clever way to save herself time whilst feeding Rocco yummy meals using organic and healthy ingredients. She started blending fruit and vegetables, freezing them in ice cube trays and started using them on their own as purees or adding them to things like yoghurts for breakfast, burgers for lunch and even mixing them into risottos for dinner. She batch cooked and fed her entire family (even herself) with these fun and nutritious meals... then she thought... this is actually really helpful! She wanted to share this with other busy mums and dads and BABY CÜBES was born!

Who knows what time saving delicious product will be next to help out busy families!