Are LICKALIX ice lollies allergens free?

Yes! We're totally free-from gluten, lactose, dairy and nuts! As well as the top 14 EU allergens. This means that people suffering from nuts, coeliac (gluten) and/or dairy can still enjoy our ice lollies without having to worry :)

Are you 100% free from nuts?

Yes. Our factory no longer test with nuts and have made sure we are 100% nut free for our nut allergy suffering customers! We want it to be a lolly enjoyed by everyone! We make sure to carry out routine swab tests for nuts.

Where is your factory based?

We make all of our lollies in North West London. All of our ice lollies are made by us (we do not outsource our production). We have our own lolly kitchen and the lollies are made by the gals and guys at LICKALIX!

What are your core flavours? Can I suggest lolly flavours?

We officially have six impulse flavours and five multipack flavours. Our six impulse flavours include:
– Strawberry Lemonade
– Mango Raspberry Swirl
– Simply Chocolate
– Citrus Burst
– Oh So Berry
– Natural Cola

Our five multipack flavours are:
– Strawberry Lemonade
– Mango Raspberry Swirl
– Simply Chocolate
– Mr Men and Little Miss Citrus Burst
– Mr Men and Little Miss Super Strawberry

We love lolly flavour suggestions and are always carrying out R&D's for future flavour launches. Please contact us at hello@lickalix.com!

Where can I purchase your ice lollies?

Our multipacks are available on Ocado, the online supermarket. (www.ocado.com)
They are also available in Wholefoods (Richmond, Bedford, Kensington), As Nature Intended (Chiswick, Spitalfields, Marble Arch, Ealing), Planet Organic (Essex Road, Tottenham Court Walk, Devonshire Square, Muswell Hill, Torrington), Eat17 (Walthamstow), Spar (Chester Court), and Budgens!

Can I order directly through LICKALIX?

If you're based in London, we're happy for you to order directly through us. Email us at sales@lickalix.com. If you're outside of London, we have distributors that could possibly deliver if you order the minimum order.

Where are some family friendly places we can get LICKALIX ice lollies?

We are stocked in over 800 retailers across the country. So if a stockist near you isn't listed, please just email us at hello@lickalix.com and we can confirm which nearest stockist sells our LICKALIX ice lollies :)
– Fusion (most Fusion leisure sites)
– Jamie's Italian Restaurants (kids menu)
– Battersea Park Zoo (Central London)
– Kent Wildlife Trust (Maidstone)
– Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire (Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire)
– Bocketts Farm Park (London)
– Windmill Hill City Farm (Bristol)
– St Werburgh City Farm Cafe (Bristol)
– Abbots Hall Farm (Essex Wildlife)
– Stepney City Farm (London, Whitechapel)
– Cholderton Charlie's Farm (South West England, near Salisbury)
– Rushmere Country Park (North of Milton Keynes)
– Emberton Country Park (North of Milton Keynes)
– Staunton Country Park (South of England near Portsmouth)
– Aldenham Country Park Farm (North West London, near Watford)
– Southwater Country Park (South of England/London, in Horsham)
– Royal Victoria Country Park (Southampton)
– Daylesford Organic Farm Shop
– Big Beach Cafe (Brighton)
– Frankie's Beach Cafe (Brighton)
– Billy's on the Beach (Chichester)
– Saltwater Beach Cafe (Southend-on-Sea, East of London)
– Brighton Pier (Brighton)

Are your ice lollies free from refined sugar? If not, why do you add unrefined sugar to your "natural" ice lollies?

Yes, our lollies contain ZERO refined sugar; however it does contain a little bit of unrefined organic cane sugar and the natural occuring sugars from the natural fruit. There are a few reasons why we add organic unrefined sugar into our lollies. The first reason is because of the taste profile. Cold temperatures make you perceive flavours less. This could be because the tongue is slightly numbed from the cold, which means it will also numb your palate as your tongue is then less sensitive to flavour. The second reason is because our fruit ingredients aren’t always in season therefore the taste profile changes. Our lollies are all-natural so they don’t always taste the same each time, but we try our best! Adding a little bit of unrefined cane sugar brings out the flavour in the lollies making them taste delicious each time!

I love your van, will you be going to any festivals this summer?!

We take Kenny the vintage camper van everywhere during the summer. Please follow us on Instagram @lickalixltd to see updates on where we will be taking Kenny and bringing lollies next!

Is LICKALIX suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Absolutely! Our lollies are 100% free from gluten, lactose and dairy meaning anyone can have them. They're allergen free

Are LICKALIX lollies certified organic?

Yes. We are certified organic with the Organic Food Federation!

Are LICKALIX lollies suitable for diabetics?

We don't recommend it but we have found that many diabetics allow themselves one of the following lollies from time to time – Oh So Berry, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Mango Raspberry Swirl and Super Strawberry.

Does LICKALIX lollies contain fat?

Our lollies contain natural fats from the fruit and coconut milk.

Are LICKALIX products made with any preservatives, flavourings or e-numbers?

No and this is why LICKALIX was created. Our founders didn't like that there wasn't a forzen lolly brand in the dessert market without any preservatives, flavourings or added nasties. That's why our ingredients list is simple – fruit, water, unrefined cane sugar and coconut milk! We like it that way. Isn't it nice to know what we are eating? :)

I looked in my freezer and there are ice crystals around my ice lollies!

Why are there ice crystals on the lollies? When food is frozen, water molecules in the food turn into ice crystals. These ice crystals then migrate to the surface of the food, which is why you often see ice form on lollies and ice cream.

Why don’t you substitute sugar for other plant-based sweetener alternatives?

This is a great question. We have tried all the various plant-based sweeteners out there such as agave nectar, coconut syrup, maple syrup, truvia, stevia. We found that raw sugar alternatives changed the flavour of the lolly drastically as well as the colour. All lollies came out brown or tasted too synthetic from the sweeteners. Also through studies and reading about sugar intake, sugar is sugar whether it's a plant-based sweetener, sugar alternative like syrups or nectar or fruit juice. We think moderation is key and try to limit the amount of organic unrefined sugar we use in our lollies. However, we are always testing and researching ways to improve our lolly recipes.

I am looking to stock your products and would like further information, who should I contact?

Please contact us at sales@lickalix.com. With your first order of our lollies, you will receive a complimentary point of sales (POS) pack! We are also happy to support your shop on social media and our other social platforms! Looking forward to working with you and sharing the lolly love! :)