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We are changing our packaging to be environmentally friendly. Our packaging will be made out of plants, not plastic! We know our planet is in trouble and we need to do something about it. We’re only small but we believe we can make a difference and we need to start somewhere. We have decided to invest a lot of time, energy and money into making this switch to do the right thing for our planet. Individuals, big multinationals, governments and society all need to change but if we wait for each other nothing will get done so we all need to try and make changes for good. That’s why we are changing our wrappers to be made from plants and be compostable. We all need to do something to change for the better!

We’re only a small family business but we want to lead the way for everyone to invest in better packaging to reduce plastic use and to make our planet a happier place to live in. Companies have to be willing to invest the money to do the right thing. We all need to educate each other on how to live in a more sustainable way for the future of our planet. We want to save the world one lolly at a time.

91% of plastics do not get recycled. A lot of plastics cannot be recycled. They are single use and just end up in landfill or as litter on our weather and oceans. Some plastic that is recyclable becomes un-recyclable because of the ink printed on it. From now on always check the back of your packs and you will see how much of your packaging is not recyclable. Unfortunately, even the plastics that are recyclable are not recycled. At the moment our society and refuse system is not accountable of where the plastics end up once they are shipped from the UK and what happens to it once it is taken away. Recycling plastic is also hard and what it can be recycled into is a very small number of things. According to the EU Commission, only 6% of the plastic thrown away in the EU is recycled. Since the 1950’s only 9% of the 6.3 billion tonnes of conventional plastic made has been recycled. Even if every household recycled and state-of-the-art recycling systems existed (neither is true) recycling simply cannot keep up with the sheer volume that is produced, bought, and thrown away every day. So we need to look for alternative materials to use. - National Geographic 2018

“The world uses a million plastic bottles a minute.”