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Our packaging will now have the world's first PLASTIC FREE TRUST MARK. A mark designed for the shopper, not for industry. Designed to sit clearly on the front of pack and it will simply tell the consumer: THIS PACKAGING IS PLASTIC FREE.

This trust mark will empower consumers to make plastic-free choices to reduce their plastic footprint. Consumers can now be a part of the solution not the problem. The confusion around different logos, and abundance of plastic packaging in the supermarkets means that those with innovative packaging will be nice and easy to spot.

Trust Mark-accredited packaging will include materials such as carton board, wood pulp, glass, metal and certified-compostable biomaterials.

Our packaging was approved by A Plastic Planet's Plastic Free Panel of world experts in all packaging materials allowing us to use this trust mark on our ice lolly impulse and multipack packaging. We are so excited about this new logo accreditation. Hopefully this is the start of exciting things to come - more innovation, and more likeminded brands and consumers making positive switches towards reducing our reliance on single use plastic.

A plastic planet's core beliefs

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