Q: What are BABY CÜBES?
A: BABY CÜBES are healthy frozen cubes of goodness made with only fruit and veg baby grade ingredients.

Q: What are baby grade ingredients?
A: Baby grade ingredients are different from ingredients you buy at the supermarket, that’s including organic produce. For an apple, carrot or broccoli to be baby grade, they must be produced at carefully chosen farms under strict guidelines to ensure pesticides, pollution and nitrates are kept to a bare minimum.

In order for farms and orchards to make the grade, they must be far from main roads and heavy industry to minimise nasties from pollution, weather must be suitable and reliable so that few chemical treatments are needed and the soil has to be low in levels of naturally occurring heavy metals, nitrates or other contaminants.

Another importance of baby grade is that it isn’t the same as organic. Baby grade produce is grown specifically for babies, which means the standards for baby grade are even stricter than organic standards. The use of pesticides is kept to a bare minimum. The maximum amount of pesticide residue legally allowed in baby food is 10 parts per billion, which is same as a single drop of water in 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Basically, our babies eat much better and cleaner than us, which is very reassuring! Check out our baby grade rules. Remember, to be truly baby grade, the ingredients must be:
1. Grown and processed with a baby’s need in mind.
2. Grown by farmers under strict guidance and in partnership with specialists.
3. Tested at multiple stages to make sure they are safe for babies to eat.
4. Grown where the crop does best, in suitable soil and away from potential contamination.
5. Checked to ensure they have low pesticide residues.
6. Completely retraceable to their producer and supplier.

Q: Why Organic and chemical-free ingredients?
A: We don’t use any artificial colourings or flavourings in our Baby Cubes. It’s very important to us that our ingredients are baby grade, organic and incredibly simple to read and understand. Organic is very important when knowing what we are feeding ourselves and our children. Organic means we are working with nature, not against it. It means there are lower pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and our natural environment.

Q: Are the cubes vegan and vegetarian friendly? A: Yes! They’re suitable for both vegans and vegetarians!

Q: Are the cubes nut free?
A: Yes! All our products are nut free!

Q: Can I refreeze after I’ve defrosted the cubes?
A: No, we don’t recommend refreezing after the cubes have been defrosted.

Q: How many cubes do I use per meal?
A: We recommend using 1-4 cubes per serving but every child is different. Depending on whether the cubes are used on their own, as a side dish as part of a main meal or in a recipe, please judge the portions accordingly.

Q: Are there any added sugar or salt in your cubes?
A: No absolutely not. Salt is an ingredient which is strictly regulated in baby food. You will not find any salt in our cubes. There is also no added sugar in our cubes. The only sugar in our ingredients are natural occurring sugars from the fruit and veg themselves.

Q: What age are the cubes suitable for?
A: The cubes are suitable for babies from 6 months old until whatever age. For example you can add our fruit cubes to yoghurt for the whole family. The government advises that you shouldn’t wean your little one until they are 6 months old. Remember, every baby is different.

Q: Can’t I make these myself?
A: Of course you can! You’re always welcome to make them in the comfort of your home. We wanted to help busy mums and dads by doing the hard work for you! We’ve saved you time with our BABY CÜBES range.

Q: Where can I buy your cubes?
A: They are currently available to buy in Ocado, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and As Nature Intended.

Q: I’m a retailer and would love to stock your product.
A: That’s lovely! Please contact our friendly sales team at sales@lickalix.com for more information on our wholesale prices and beautiful complimentary point of sale (POS) kits.