May 19, 2014

Having become part of the Lickalix team my first task was to reflect on the nostalgic times of my childhood. Making my list of the lollies that awakened the inner child in me wasn't as straightforward as I first thought. There were just too many memories of ice creams that started flooding back once I opened the gate. I thought how do I justify each flavour, colour and taste to be my favourite and the choice was overwhelming. However, I have finally narrowed it down to six ice lollies that are not only a frozen treats from my youth but a map of my childhood. 

Does this  van  evoke your childhood memories?

Does this van evoke your childhood memories?

The Cravings Begin 

My first memory of ice creams and lollies was in America where the flavours consisted the likes of birthday cake, bubblegum and the soft marshmallow tasting Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny. I was always drawn to his vibrant blue gum balls for eyes and a welcoming smile.

Twister selfie! :) - how do you eat yours?

Twister selfie! :) - how do you eat yours?

 A Whole New World of Flavours

As a child I thought I had found my favourite flavours but then moving across the pond to the United Kingdom at the age of 7, I became equally spoilt for choice as the happy colours of the “hundreds-and-thousands” on top of a fab looked super exciting on the window of the ice cream van but the crazy colours of the green, yellow twists with the red centre of the Twister was automatically on top of my list.

Which was your favourite layer of  FAB ?

Which was your favourite layer of FAB?

The Brighter the Better

The ice creams with the brightest colours always had my name on it so when I was looking for  fruitier option I loved the rainbow that came in the form of the Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Lolly. All of these lollies came from the ice cream van and the discordant chimes of the siren always meant that it was firstly time for the refreshing treat on a rare but glorious British summer afternoon and secondly if it was during school then it was time to go home, the best time of day/year was when these two were combined. 

Visiting my grandparents was made extra special because they owned a sweet shop, which meant that there was unlimited access to ice creams and treats. As I started to grow out of the sweet tooth and desire for all things wildly colourful I started to enjoy the simplicity of a mini milk. There were only three flavours so my indecisive nature never interfered with my choice and even now sometime there is nothing more rewarding than a plain smooth strawberry mini milk which provides all the refreshment I could ever need. 

My favourite flavour is the blackcurrant, what's yours? - or do they just taste the same? 

My favourite flavour is the blackcurrant, what's yours? - or do they just taste the same? 

Cheeky Days

And now we get to the ice lolly where I felt the most naughty in ordering. Found always on the side of the ice cream van and very rarely in shops was the cider flavoured lolly. I would cheekily grin at my mum as I placed my order and then eat it quickly in the hope that I might get slightly tipsy. Did anyone else do this or was I the only one? 

This summer however, has left me with a whole new range of choice to make as there is now a new kid is on the ice block…Lickalix with the fruity, vibrant flavours that fortunately aren't such as guilty pleasure but one that my conscience won’t tell me off for later. Check out our natural handmade ice lollies here.


What was your favourite Ice Lolly when you were younger?

Share a selfie with you top frozen treat

Have you tried a ice lolly from another country that isn't available in the U.K?


Looking forward to sharing your memories,

Bye for now…and let the sun shine.

Holly x


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