October 7, 2015

It's that time of the month you've all been waiting for... book club!  This post is for all of you who are overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there. So, to narrow it down  we've picked out a few of our personal favourites. This month we are about to add a special little twist, that we are sure you will like. The theme for October is - drum roll please - food bloggers!

This means that after you're done reading ours you can head over to the blogs we've recommended and get some more food inspiration there :) So, without any further delay, here are our favourite food blogs for this month:




Top with Cinnamon:
Izy Hossack is a 19 (!) year old British food blogger studying Food Science & Nutrition at University. She started her blog when she was only 15 years old, a fact that makes wonder what on earth we were doing at that age?!? Certainly nothing this productive! She herself describes what she does as us being able to encounter her experiments of making:

"a multitude of culinary delights - mostly sweet - ranging from the indulgent to the wholesome and hearty." 

And culinary delights they are! So far there has not been one of Izy's recipes that, after making, we have not loved! In addition to being delicious many of her recipes also cater to those with food intolerances and all of us looking to put a healthier twist on an indulgent dessert. One of our favourites is her Healthy Sticky  Chocolate Fudge Cake which is gluten, dairy and grain free. Definitely a winner!

Not only does Izy develop all the recipes for her blog she also takes all the pictures herself, just like the one we used above. So, even if you just feel like looking at pictures of yummy food rather than actually cooking, her blog is definitely the place to go :) 
In 2014 she published her first cook book called Top with Cinnamon in which Izy presents a variety of sweet and savory recipes all created, cooked and photographed by her. If you love her just as much as we do, you should definitely get it since the book is full of new recipes that aren't on the blog. 




Keepin' it Kind:
This wonderful blog is full of delicious vegan recipes created by Kristy Turner and beautiful food photos made by her husband Chris. In addition to that they also share reviews of restaurants and their travels. Everyone of Kristy's recipes sounds and looks absolutely yummy, so if you are vegan or just looking for some animal product free dinner options, you should definitely head over to Keepin' it Kind! One of our current favourite recipes goes great with Autumn and combines the savory with the sweet. It is this Caramelized Shallots & Fig Polenta Pizza with Thyme and Pine Nuts (pause for gasp)! 

The husband and wife team has also published their first cook book at the end of 2014. 'But I Could Never Go Vegan!' features 175 mouth watering dishes that prove that:

" can live without cheese, it is not all rabbit food, and your friends will still come over for dinner"

So if you are looking for even more vegan recipe inspiration you should definitely go pick it up in stores! Kristy's recipes won't even make you notice that there isn't any meat or dairy on your plate and Chris' wonderful photographs will make you in a conundrum of what to make next!



So what are your favourite food blogs that you follow? Share your best recipe finds with us down below, we would love to give them a try! If you liked this kind of blog, why not check out our Pinterest, where we pin loads of delicious dishes and food photography :)


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Brought to you by the guys and gals who make natural, healthy, handmade, ice lollies using real fruit that are lactose, gluten and dairy free. Keep posted for more blogs and let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about! 

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