March 26, 2015

Last weekend we had the pleasure of selling our ice lollies at the Classic Car Boot Sale at Southbank Centre. Though the weather wasn’t at its best (surprise, surprise London) we still had an amazing time so we wanted to share some pictures and thoughts with you guys.

We were particularly impressed by some of the outfits, with people dressed up in vintage, 50s style clothing. This contributed to the overall old-school vibe of this event. The band dressed the part and played only old-school tunes- one of the members even had an awesome teal coloured double base!

The car boot sale had an amazing collection of vinyl records and memorabilia for sale, as well as a large variety of vintage clothes and accessories to choose from.  

The combination of the outfits and cars made for a really special event. They even had the DeLorean from Back the Future AND Niki Lauda's Ferrari team van from the movie Rush- it can’t really get cooler than that, can it?

Now lets talk about the food, which we ate A LOT of. For breakfast the LICKALIX team all had a delicious bacon butty from ‘Le Swine’ which was everything you would want from a bacon butty and more. Later on in the day we tried a range of different foods. One of our favourites was the salt beef bagel from ‘Belle and Brisket’; the naked fries from there were pretty fantastic too. For dessert we tried a variety of equally tasty, different flavoured cupcakes (and there was plenty to choose from) from ‘Kooky Bakes’.

Since we had the opportunity to try out our new photo booth and backdrop, we had lots of fun taking/printing pictures of people from the event! We also got to try out our new flavoured poptail, Irish coffee, which was a big hit with the adults. While the kids loved the cocoberry: our strawberry and chocolate flavour.

If you have any pictures with the Lickalix team or Kenny (our VW van) tag us on lickalixltd on Instagram and @lickalix on Twitter. Or if you want to see more about the Classic Car Boot Sale check out their twitter: @classiccarboot, Instagram: classiccarbootsale, or their website: And as always we would love your feedback and hope to see you at our next event! 

Brought to you by the guys and gals who make natural, healthy, handmade, ice lollies using real fruit that are lactose, gluten and dairy free. Keep posted for more blogs and let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about! 


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