July 16, 2015

Instagram is often the best place to look if you like us, love getting great tips for healthy living. It's always buzzing with new, fresh, fruity ideas but here are our top three favourite...

1. LolaCooks: This Instagram account is flooded with fresh fruit and veg that is bound to inspire you! This vegan chef creates some pretty fantastic meals ranging from raw vegan desserts,  and delicious looking smoothies to some tasty savoury options (she even makes a vegan, gluten-free pizza- LICKALIX approves!) Laura Wolfe has also come out with a cookbook revealing the recipes to the photos she posts on her Instagram so everyone can try out some of her healthy recipes! 

2. EllaGraceDenton: Believe it or not this lovely, hippiesque young lady is only 20! This Londoner is the definition of wanderlust with a healthy dose of healthy food along the way. Her Instagram is jam-packed full of photos of acai bowls, yoga poses and her nomadic lifestyle. She even has a blog where she gives advice on how to stay positive and enjoy the world from a different perspective... freakin' awesome!

3. TheBalancedBlonde: This self-proclaimed wellness junkie has come a long way but is still on a journey to total equilibrium. She discovered the vegan and juicing lifestyle in her last year of university due to health problems. Her obsession and fear of feeling unwell went on to develop into a eating disorder called Orthorexia. She has since started working with a nutritionist and dietician where she has slowly begun to find a balanced lifestyle, and went on to later become The Balanced Blonde. This inspiring New Yorker shows the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind!  

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