September 9, 2016

Last Tuesday team LICKALIX took a visit to the Speciality & Fine Food Fair. We love finding out about new and innovative foods, so needless to say we were very excited! Here at LICKALIX there is special place in our hearts for vegan food, and we know a lot of you do too! Curious what vegan foods we found at the Fair? Keep reading! :)

Ten Acre

Ten Acre wasn't the only popcorn brand at the fair, but it definitely was the most vegan-friendly! Even flavours like 'Sour Cream & Chive' and 'Strawberries & Cream' are 100% vegan. Besides popcorn Ten Acre also makes vegan crisps, with flavours like 'Cheese & Onion', 'Chicken Soup' and 'Pastrami'. We love this!


MiiRO is a new brand that makes dairy-, refined sugar- and gluten-free ice cream. Kind of like a Magnum, but vegan and without the guilty feelings! Good to see another vegan friendly frozen treat on the market.


Porridge boring? Not anymore! Simplyseedz created porridge with fruity flavours. Just add whichever milk you like and there you have it: a tasty and nutritious breakfast! They recently went dairy free, which makes us like them even more. 


Another vegan popcorn brand we spotted is NINAS. The brand stood out to us, because they are very health-oriented. They carry one-of-a-kind superfood flavours like 'Sriracha & Spirulina' and 'Cacao, Goji Berries & Pistachios'. And look at the amazing packaging! 

Taking the Pea

We looove chickpeas here at LICKALIX, so these roasted ones by Taking the Pea made us very happy! There are four different flavours, and except for the cheesy one, they're all vegan. Even the 'Smoked Ham'! Can you believe it?


Speaking of, check out these vibrant-looking chickpea spreads by ChicP! Sometimes plain hummus can get a bit boring, so it's great to have some different flavours to pick from! 

Harley's Pâté

These vegan pâtés by Harley's Pâté might be the best thing we tasted at the fair. They're made out of nuts and are 100% raw. There are three flavours available: the first one is the most traditional, the second one is a bit sweet and the third one has a green taste. A-ma-zing!

Devonshire Tea

Isn't tea vegan to begin with? Anyways, let's just all take a moment to admire the cute packaging of Devonshire Tea.


Nobó uses honey in some of their flavours, but other than that they're an all-vegan brand. We tried their Salted Caramel flavour and were blown away! We were told this one is sweetened with coconut sugar, which gives it its caramelly flavour. 

Doisy & Dam

Even if these chocolate bars tasted horrible, we'd still buy them because of the amazing packaging. Well done, Doisy & Dam! 


Nuto is one of the first brands to come out with a fascinating alternative to popcorn: lotus flower seeds. After harvesting the seeds from the lotus flower they season and freeze-dry them. We had never heard of this before! Super tasty and healthy as well: they're packed with protein and minerals. 

Go Coco

Go Coco's Banana Split Milkshake tastes exactly like your typical banana milkshake! Only healthier and, of course, vegan!


''I hate guacamole'', said no one ever. We have always preferred homemade guac to the readymade ones they sell at supermarkets, but let us tell you; these taste so good! Especially when there's no ripe avocados to be found, Solpuro's guacamole is a lifesaver. 

La Chiva

Team LICKALIX loves dried fruit; mango is our favourite! However, sometimes you feel like something a bit more crispy, and for those occasions freeze-dried fruits are perfect! La Chiva has a range of freeze-dried fruits. If you find regular dried fruit too sweet and sticky, you have to try these! 

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