May 31, 2018

Just this past weekend some of team LICKALIX went out to the super family friendly Elderflower Festival again with Kenny the LolliMobile in tow!

The festival went from the 25th to the 28th of May and was hosted out in Pippingford Park, which is in East Sussex. What makes this festival different from the rest is its family oriented attitude! It was created seven years ago by a family, and is inspired by the Swedish mid summer festival season. The festival boasts everything from music, to kid friendly rock climbing, skateboarding and even yoga for kids! It also had an amazing arts and crafts section as well as an animation section for the kids where they could create their own stop motion films.

Something else that separates the Elderflower festival from the rest is that all of the people who are helping make the festival possible are volunteers! And our team felt really welcomed from the moment they were on the grounds. Everyone who was involved in the Elderflower Festival this year really enjoyed it and wanted to be there!

Team LICKALIX was on the side with all of the arts and crafts as well as the science laboratory for kids, which was so much fun. There was even a campfire for the evenings, as well as several other food vendors on site.

Our team had so much fun at the festival! It was gorgeous the whole weekend, and they were absolutely swamped with lolly loving kids and parents who had recognized us from other festivals as well as being our customers before from ordering off of Ocado! We were so happy to see so many of our lolly lovers at the Elderflower festival.  We cannot wait to go back next year!  


Here are just a couple more snapshots that we caught in the midst of the festival fun!

Source: elderflowerfestival2018
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