July 11, 2018

Roundwood Cafe, which is inside the park of the same name, was recently re-opened this April and has been blossoming ever since. They also happen to stock LICKALIX ice lollies so we thought we’d head out there to see how they were doing and see how our lollies were going over inside the cafe! We also wanted to get a feel for the cafe because we had heard so many good things about it

We decided the best way to go about this was to interview the owner, Coralie about the cafe,her thoughts on healthy eating and community as well as our lollies of course. 

We asked her how running the cafe was going, and she told us that while it's been hard,  they are figuring everything out together and that their experience in the hospitality and catering industries is helping out a lot, but what is really rewarding is all the support and feed back that they are getting receiving from everyone who visits the cafe! 

She told us that, first of all, our lollies were doing amazing in the cafe! that parents chose us over other options because we're local, as well as the fact that we don't have any nasties in our lollies, and the fact the parents don't feel like they are sacrificing anything when they give their children our lollies because they know that LICKALIX is the healthy option.  She also mentioned how the cafe promotes us because we are local and they want to promote healthy and clean eating in their cafe.  

The next question we asked fed off the first, where we asked her exactly how she felt about having a healthy lolly option for both parents and kids to choose.  Coralie stated that of course she loved having a healthy option, as it is part of their ethos to encourage healthy eating not only in kids but also parents.  But she loved having us as an option because parents today, more than ever are very aware of what they are actually feeding their kids, and that the parents who visit the cafe will more often than not opt for a LICKALIX lolly over other ones.  

We then asked how she felt about being a local business and the community that her business has found itself in. She replied by telling us that people frequently come to the cafe to meet up with one another and that she has a local woman making the vegan cakes in the cafe, and she tries to use local suppliers as much as possible.  And how important it was that while they are a local business, they need to support other local businesses, and give back. 

Finally, we wanted to ask how she felt about healthy eating, especially for kids.  She told us about how she's a vegetarian and her son is a vegan, and that clean and healthy eating are a part of what they do and promote in the cafe.  And they do this as much as they can, everything that they make is home made, and while they are a business, they promote healthy eating as much as they can. 

We hope to make this a regular segment of our blog, finding local businesses that stock us, so if you know anyone near you that stocks us, let us know! 

Now enjoy some of the photos we took while we were there :) 




LICKALIX launched its handmade gourmet ice lollies in London in May 2014. During the heat wave of summer 2013, Karis and Dominic Gesua began making ice lollies for their friends. Everyone loved the lollies, which were inspired by Mexican ‘paletas’, so the Camden based couple decided to give up their stressful jobs in branding and advertising and become full-time food entrepreneurs.

LICKALIX lollies are made by hand using real fruit and all natural and organic ingredients (no concentrates, juices, purees, stabilisers or additives). The lollies contain have less sugar and fat than most popular ice cream, ice lolly and frozen yogurt brands. They are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with intolerance to lactose, dairy or gluten. LICKALIX lollies come in a range of flavours, including Mango Raspberry Swirl, Caribbean Twist, Strawberry & Banana Smoothie and Oh So Berry, with a RRP of £2 each.

During summer 2014, LICKALIX lollymobiles visited a number of festivals and street food markets, including Taste of London and Street Feast, to introduce the lollies to consumers. The company also established partnerships with various retailers across London, including kiosks in Hyde Park and St James’s Park, cafes, delis, bars and ice cream vans. Feedback from customers and the media included: “there is nothing more refreshing”, “tasty”, “a great idea”, “scrummy” and “all of the gourmet with none of the guilt”. In March 2015, the company expanded nationwide and launched its wholesale offering.

For more details of where to find LICKALIX ice lollies, go to

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