December 4, 2015

As you might have gathered from our last post about London markets, we can't get enough of them! Be it food, clothing, art, antiques, music or flowers, we love getting inspired by wandering from stall to stall and hunting for bargains. If you are hungry for more ideas of what markets to visit, and what to do there keep on reading as we share part II of our favourite London markets :)


Camden Lock and Stable Markets:
As the name might indicate Camden Stable Markets are set in old horse stables, giving them a unique flair unlike any other market we have seen in London so far. This part of the Camden Markets houses a great variety of independent stores, alternative and vintage clothes, antiques, furniture and collectibles. There are also plenty food stalls to grab a cup of coffee and a cookie to munch on while walking among bronze horse statues and marveling at old vintage suit cases, books and furniture.  There are also many great clothing bargains to be found in the vintage section of the market. Compared to the Stable Markets, the Camden Lock Markets are a bit more modern. It hosts lots of small shops displaying the works of different artists and designers as well as different arts and crafts, home made jewelry, fashion and interior design items. From the classic antique to the crazy and absurd there is something for everyone in Camden. Foodies will also get their fair share of culinary delights and can enjoy different dishes from all over the world from one of the many food stalls. What more could you want?!?


 Handy Map To Find It:


Pro Tip: We recommend starting your exploration at Chalk Farm Station which will make sure that you do not miss out on the Stable Markets and then work your way up towards the Lock Markets and possibly even Camden Town. If you do decide to start your journey from Camden Town do not under any circumstances go to the "Camden Markets" and no further than that. You will miss all the best parts! Also if you can get some food at the Lock Market food court, in our humble opinion that one is even better then the Stable Market one. You can then either grab one of the communal tables or go sit alongside the canal. If you have time to spare after why not walk to Primrose Hill along the canal and watch the sun go down behind the London Skyline?
For more information on the Camden Stable and Lock Markets click here.



Borough Market:
All you foodies out there, this is a must! Borough Market is London's most renowned food markets and therefore offers up an incredible amount of edible goodies. Be it fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, baked goods and other grocery items or full-on lunch and dinner meals, this market will not let anyone go hungry. We are sure that even the pickiest eater will find something delicious to eat here. Even though open every day of the week, Monday to Wednesday opening times are restricted to lunch hours. The busiest day is definitely Saturday, which is when the most stalls are open, so make sure to be prepared for the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get their hands on some of the amazing culinary offers. 


Handy Map To Find It:


Pro Tip: If you want to avoid the crowds go as early as possible, or during one of the less busy days. However that means missing out on part of the experience. If you feel a little tired or need a good cup of coffee stop by our friends at Good Beans, who make delicious cold brew coffee. After going to the market why not take a walk along the river Thames and marvel at the amazing sites London has to offer?
Here is a link to the Borough Market website for more information on the opening times, different events and such.



Alfies Antique Market:
Even we have to admit that going to a market on a rainy day does not sound like the most tempting idea and since London weather is not always sunshine and rainbows we made sure to include a weather safe option to our list. This market is perfect when it's pouring outside but you can't shake the craving for bargain hunting and vintage deals. Alfies Antique Market is London's largest indoor market for antiques, vintage fashion and 20th century design. With around 100 different antique dealers and an extra 20 stores selling goods from the 20th century this market is definitely one that no fan of antiques should miss. 


Handy Map To Find It:


Pro Tip: Since some of the prices are a bit higher here then they are in other London markets make sure to engage in some friendly haggling to get yourself a bargain. Otherwise just spend your day wandering around and getting inspired by all the things around you. There is no need to rush in here since this market is a lot less touristy than most of the other London markets. If you have time don't forget to check out the rooftop terrace for a nice cup of coffee on a sunny day. 
+ Bonus information: the opening times as well as most of the sellers can be found here.


That's it! Three more of our favourite London markets under wraps. We are currently trying to discover a few more smaller markets, so suggestions are always welcome! Do let us know any other market faves of yours we might have missed so we can include them in the next post :)



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