December 2, 2015

Who doesn't love a good cup of tea? We certainly do! Which is why we decided to share our go-to brews with you. So, make yourself a cup right now and come back to read which member of our team loves which flavour the most! For all of you that are thirsty for knowledge we also added a bit of information about how each of our favourites can benefit you.


Hana, our marketing mastermind, loves lemon, ginger and honey tea. Whether it is to wake her up in the morning or give her a boost of energy during the day. It is really easy to make a fresh one at home. Simply chop up some ginger, squeeze half a lemon, drizzle some honey and add hot water to a cup in order to create your very own. This tea is a great immune system booster and will warm you up on those cold and rainy Autumn days.


Earl Grey is our chief lolly officer Karis' cant-live-without tea. Her favorite way to drink it is by adding a slice of lemon. Not only does it give her an energy boost during her busy work week, it also has loads of great health benefits. For one, it has a lower dosage of caffeine than coffee does and meaning it manages to stimulate blood flow to the brain and wake you up without causing your heart to race. In addition to that black tea is also said to have a relaxing and de-stressing effect on the body. 


Our event ninja Safaa's favourite is mint tea. She loves to make it Moroccan style by combining fresh mint leaves with organic cane sugar. This brew will not only help you relax and calm both your mind and body but it also helps with digestion and can even lead to easier weight loss. This is due to the peppermint aroma, which is said to reduce appetite and therefore prevent over eating. Lastly mint tea is also great for reducing all kinds of illness such as nausea, motion sickness or fever and the common cold.


One of the healthiest teas out there is our other chief lolly officer, Dom's favourite, and no, it's not green tea, it's hibiscus! It's benefits range from reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver and having anti-cancer properties to reducing inflammation and menstrual pain as well as aiding with digestion and weight loss. We know, sounds almost to good to be true right? And as an added bonus hibiscus tea does not only taste good warm, but also makes a delicious iced tea for the hot summer days!


Speaking of healthy teas, green tea is our ambassador of lollies, Sotiri's, go-to choice. As most of you might know this little brew is packed with health benefits. Not only does it share most of the ones hibiscus tea has to offer, but it is also said to have anti-aging properties as well as a detox effect on the body. In addition to all that goodness it also manages to bring up your your energy levels and boost your immune system. An all-rounder everyone should have in his or her tea cabinet.


Last but not least we have one for the night. Caroline our intern loves drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bed. She says it makes her feel calm and relaxed and therefore has become part of her night time routine. This brew helps with insomnia and sleep disorders, as well as stomach problems such as menstrual cramps and stomach flu. In addition to that it also is said to help fight against anxiety and panic attacks as well as many skin conditions and muscle twitches. Mixed with a bit of honey this makes the perfect nightcap and helps you drift off in no time.

Now that you know all of our favourites, let us know what your go-to cup of tea is. Any health benefits we missed? Let us know in the comments below! :)


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