September 18, 2015

At LICKALIX we don't just love food, we also love movies about food! So, if you need inspiration for films to watch while you are snuggled up on the couch this weekend, we've got you covered! These are our top 10 all time favourite food related films - in no particular order :)

Ratatouile: All us Lickalickers agree that this movie about a rat wanting to become a professional chef in Paris is a must see for kids and grownups alike. It is a story about passion, friendship and food that had us laughing out loud - a lot!

Source: "Ratatouile Movie Trailer":


No Reservations: This one is for all the romantics out there. Get your fill of romance as Catherine Zeta-Johnes and Aaron Eckhart fight, laugh and cook their way to a happy ending. 

Source: "George Appiah"


Chocolat: Everyone in the office agrees that you cant go wrong with this classic. Starring Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp and of course chocolate, what is there not to like?

Source: "Miramax"


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Here is another one for the whole family. Giggle your way through the entire movie while watching Flint Lockwood, a wanna-be scientist, dealing with the results of his crazy inventions.

Source: "Sony Pictures Entertainment"


Julie and Julia: Who doesn't love a movie with Meryl Streep in it? Anyone? Well, in this office we can't get enough of her making this is a must see for us. Also starring Amy Adams, this film follows the lives of Julia Child and Julie Powell as they chop, stir and whisk their way to the top of the culinary world.

Source: "Sony Pictures Entertainment"


The Lunch Box: Taking place in India this movie manages to not only delight us with it's story line, but also with it's incite into Indian culture and cuisine. 

Source: "hollywoodstreams"


Waitress: Hopeless romantics, this is another one for you. Starring Keri Russell as a diner waitress with a passion for baking pies this film not only plays at your heartstrings but also tickles your tastebuds. Foodies watch out, you will want to get out that pie tin and start baking as soon as this movie's over :)

Source: "zuguidemovietrailers"


Chef: This movie has been a big hit with everyone in the office! Watch chef Carl Casper take a leap of faith by quitting his job as head chef in a restaurant to start all over again. Why you ask? To follow his passion and create amazing new recipes, even if that means serving them out of a food truck - now that's something we can relate to! 

Source: "JoBlo Movie Trailers"


Eat, Pray, Love: Watch Julia Roberts eat her way to a happier self in this feel good movie. Caution - you will want to go to Italy and eat all carbs after watching this one ;)

Source: "Sony Pictures Entertainment"


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Last but not least a childhood classic that will leave you craving crazy candy creations and rivers of chocolate. Whether or not you watch the old-school 1971 version starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka or prefer the 2005 version starring Johnny Depp as the eccentric chocolatier, this movie is a must see for everyone!  

Source: "Movieclips Trailer Vault"

So which one of these is your favourite food film? Are there any we have missed? Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comment box below, we are always looking for fun foodie movies to watch next :)

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