Can you believe that Halloween us just around the corner?!? We here at LICKALIX have been excited about that for weeks and have done loads of online research to gather ideas on costumes, food and party decorations. As we now consider ourselves experts on all things Halloween we decided to share some of our favourite festive recipes with you.

We don't want to squash your hopes, but by now even the most stubborn of us have to admit that summer is over and autumn has taken it's place. There is no denying that the new season is in full swing already so here are 15 recipes using everyone's favourite fall vegetable that will make the transition into the colder days much, much more enjoyable. 

There's no way of denying it any more, winters coming. But before it arrives there are a few precious months of crisp Autumn air, trees changing colours, long walks in the park and running through rustling leaves ahead. There's also a whole new variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables out there which is why we can't resist sharing our favourite fall recipes with you.