November 6, 2015

Here at LICKALIX we love all things autumn - from walking through brightly coloured rustling leaves to snuggling up at home with a cup of tea and a good book. In celebration of this fall spirit, we have come up with some fun activities for you guys. So, if you don't know how to spend your time during these chilly fall months then this list is perfect for you. Here is our list of the top 10 best things to do this autumn!


1. Take a walk through the park. If you love the outdoors as much as we do then throw on a coat, grab your favourite cosy scarf, pack a thermos with your hot drink of choice and head out and explore one of the many London parks. One of our favourites has to be Richmond Park where you can not only wander around for hours but you may also see some deer. Yes you heard right! There is nothing better to get you into the autumn mood than watching deer roam free in London's largest royal park. If that hasn't convinced to put on your walking shoes yet, then check out this blog post about 18 Incredible Places You Won't Believe Are Actually In London to find the perfect park for you to explore!


2. Knit and/or crochet. Find yourself a local a wool store, we recommend the Loop in Islington or I Knit in Waterloo and have a look at all the different types of yarn and fun colours up for grabs. If you can then somehow decide on what wool to go for either stay in the knitting cafe to socialise with others and get a few tips or bring your knitting goods home and snuggle up on the couch and start your knitting/crocheting projects. Soon enough you are going to have amazing chunky scarves, hats, gloves and socks ready and can take on the winter winds in one of your own creations! In our opinion hand made things also make the best Christmas gifts so if you start now you'll have your presents ready in no time :)

P.S. If you have no idea what you are doing YouTube is a great place to learn knitting from scratch or to help you out if you get stuck.


3. Go to the movies. Go on, treat yourself! Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up in one of those big red movie chairs, or even a comfy sofa and watch a film on the big screen. One of your favourite places to got to is definitely the Picturhouse Cinema in Hackney, which has lounge screenings and a delicious selection of naughty and healthy treats! We also love the Lexi Cinema near Kensal Rise, which is a small independent cinema that donates all of it's profits to a South African charity. 


4. Make your own scented candles. There is hardly any  DIY project that is easier than making your own scented candles. Rather than spending your hard earned money on some store bought ones why not order some soy candle wax, soy wicks and a few of your favourite essential oils to make your own. That way you can decide exactly what you want them to smell and look like. As an added bonus you finally have a use for all those Gü glasses and cute Pots & Co ceramics that are piling up in your cupboards :) So start the new season off right by filling your house with gorgeous scented candles, and while you're at it make a few extra to give to friends and family during the holiday season.


5. Host a dinner party. Invite all of your girl squad, or boy squad (is that a thing?!?) and throw a fun dinner party. Either cook up a great meal before hand or make the cooking part of the evening. You could even schedule multiple evenings where you all take turns impressing each other with your culinary skills or having a laugh over kitchen mishaps. Why not start a little competition to see who is the ultimate master chef/team? To us there is nothing better than spending some quality time with friends while enjoying some delicious food, so this one is already marked down in our calendars. If you need some inspiration on what to make, why not check out our Pinterest where we pin lots of amazing food and drink recipes :)


6. Go to hot yoga. Hot yoga/Bikram yoga has recently become a little bit of an obsession of ours. As the days are getting colder why not try getting your workout fix in a 35-40 degree room? Not only does it make you feel like it is summer again, the warmth will relax your muscles making you more flexible. Whether you are a newbie to the gym or just want to change up your regular schedule we highly recommend giving this one a try. Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Studio has a great introduction offer at the moment that is Lickalicker approved! So grab your work out gear and get ready to sweat.


7. Paint and drink. Whether or not you have true artistic talent you should make time for a painting and wine drinking class in your fall calendar. Not only is it a great excuse to meet up with friends and have a nice evening with a bottle of wine or two it is also a great way to get your creativity flowing. PopUp painting and The Drunken Palette  are just some of the places you can book some fun art classes for you and your friends. Who knows, you might just discover your inner Picasso or Van Gogh!


8. Plan a game night. This is one of our favourite things to do on a weekend. Just get out some of your all time favourite board and card games and spend the evening playing them with friends and family. No matter if you are a fan of a quick round of UNO, the classic Monopoly, a game Poker or Risk, or prefer team games like Activity, Tabu and Charades, we promise that you'll have a great time! Leave all the sore losers at home, make a few snacks and drinks and enjoy an evening of fun and laughter. Sounds like a perfect night to us!


9. Go apple picking. If you have a free weekend why not go do some apple picking? This outdoor activity is not only fun, it will also give you the chance to get some fresh air and get away from the city for a little while. Time out London has made a list of some of London's Best Pick Your Own Farms that you should check out if you don't know of a place near you already. Once all the apples are picked some places even offer to juice them for you, that way you can take home some delicious apple juice at the end of the day.


10. Bake a pie and eat it too. Pies are great! Whether or not you prefer the sweet or savory kind autumn is definitely the time to get out the apron and rolling pin. Just think of all the delicious recipes you can create with the seasonal fruit and vegetables...there is apple, pumpkin, blackberry or pecan pie, just to name a few :) So channel your inner Martha Stewart and off off to the kitchen to learn how to make your favourite from scratch this season!


So, those are 10 of the things we are sure going to do this autumn. How about you? Is there any you want to try? What is your most cherished fall tradition? We would love to get inspired by some of your suggestions so leave them in the comments below!

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