November 13, 2015

It's that time of the month you've all been waiting for... the blog edition! This post is for all of you who are overwhelmed with the amount of blog choices to read out there. To narrow it down, we have picked out a few of our personal food favourites. After last months blog edition we decided there were too many amazing food bloggers out there to highlight only two. Therefore we will continue this trend in November and will introduce you to more of what we are inspired by (in terms of cooking). Without any further delay, here are our favourite food blogs for November!



Love & Lemons is the brainchild of Dana and John a married couple from Austin, Texas. We love this blog for the amazing recipes Dana comes up with and the food photography the two of them do together. Everything looks so delicious, we have trouble deciding what to try next! A big bonus is that most of their recipes are vegan and the two of them live on a mostly plant based diet. For all of you who struggle with food intolerance there are also lots of gluten-free recipes that are waiting to be tried out :) One of our current favourites is this Pumpkin Hummus Quesadilla which is easy to make and very, very yummy!

Not only does this recipe contain our beloved  autumn vegetable - pumpkin, but it combines it with one of our all time favourites - avocado! The couple is currently also working on publishing their first cookbook, which will be in stores at the end of March 2016. We are sure to add it to our collection! In the meantime we are going to spend more time browsing their blog and trying out many, many more of their mouth watering recipes! :)




The other blog we want to introduce you to is written by Dana and goes by the name Minimalist Baker. "Why?" you may ask, because all of her recipes use 10 ingredients or less and can be made using only one bowl or a pot! As if the promise of not having to do lots of dishwashing isn't reason enough to try her recipes, most of them are also vegan and gluten free!  We are especially excited to experiment with all the vegan baking recipes but can guarantee you that her savory meals are amazing as well! A recent favourite of ours is her Chickpea Shawaram Sandwich that isn't just tasty but also healthy for you. A win-win if you ask us!

After you are done devouring the yummy wraps there are many, many sweet treats that are waiting to be made as well. The Almond Blueberry Pie Bars and Easy Peach Crisp are only two of our favourites. As of right now you can go online and download the 31 meals digital cook book in order to get a month worth of meals. Come February you can also buy a physical book including 101 Easy Everyday Vegan Recipes that we can not wait to make!


There you have it, two more of our favourite food inspiration sources! And since they are both blogs you can head right over now to browse through delicious recipes and look at mouth watering food photographs. Feel free to leave your favourite food blogs, cook books and recipes in the comments below, we are always on the look out for new ones!



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